Knee Joint Simulator

  Significance of Wear Test for Artificial Joints 

  1. The lifetime of the artificial joint, i.e. hip joint, knee joint, shoulder joint and

      spine joint etc. is mainly determined by its wear accumulation;

  2. A required testing item of artificial hip joints in their premarket notification 

      (FDA,CE etc.);

  3. Orthotek joint simulators, which can reproduce the joint motions, serve

      as an product-level wear tests for artificial joints.



  1. In accordance with ISO、ASTM;

  2. Hip joint motions as FE, AA, IER can be reproduced;

  3. Highly integrated system under PC operation by parametric inputs;

  4. Supporting variety artificial joint, i.e. hip joint, knee joint, spine joint etc.

      testing requirements;

  5.The key indicators of wear test i.e. wear accumulation, abrasive particle etc.agree

     well with the clinical experiment results of the orthopaedic implant products.



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