Experts on Cooperation with Orthotek


Jin Zhongmin

Professor of the National Thousand Talents Program

Cheung Kong Scholar, Distinguished Young, Lifetime Professor, University of Leeds, UK

Areas of cooperation: artificial joints, biological tribology

Zhou Yixin

Peking University Professor of orthopedics, Beijing Jishuitan Hospital orthopedic director. Chinese Medical Association Orthopedic Committee Joint Committee members and secretary

Areas of cooperation: artificial joints, extract analysis


Tao Dehua

Professor of Shanghai University

Deputy director of the Technical Committee of the Chinese Society of Mechanical Engineering

Areas of cooperation:  tribology, object lubrication

Zhang Yuanzhi

Inner Mongolia Medical College graduate school professor, Inner Mongolia Medical University Affiliated Hospital orthopedic director

Areas of cooperation: digital orthopedics, biomechanics


Zhang Chunlin

Shanghai tenth people's hospital orthopedic administration deputy director, chief physician, professor, doctoral student guide

Areas of cooperation: bone tumor prosthesis, artificial joint surgery

Zhao hui

Long March Hospital, deputy chief physician

Areas of cooperation: artificial joints, extract analysis


Bai Yuehong

Shanghai Sixth People 's Hospital, director of rehabilitation medicine, orthopedic orthopedic surgery deputy director

Areas of cooperation: rehabilitation engineering, traumatic surgery

Weng Xisheng

Peking Union Medical College Hospital orthopedic director, professor

State 863 major project subject chief expert

Chinese Medical Association Orthopedic Branch Standing Committee vice chairman

Areas of cooperation: artificial joints, friction and wear


Nigel Zheng

Professor and Biomechanics and Mobility Research Leader at the Center for Biomedical Engineering and Science, the University of North Carolina

Areas of cooperation: biomechanics, kinematics

Ge Chunlin

Shanghai Fudan University Affiliated Zhongshan Hospital Xuhui Hospital Chief Physician

Areas of cooperation:biomedical engineering


Liu Zhili

Associate Professor, Department of Orthopedic Surgery, the First Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang University

Areas of cooperation: spinal transplantation, biomechanics

Gao Leiming

Researcher, Imperial College, UK

JointslnSilico Research Centre Director

Areas of cooperation: artificial joints, biological tribology


Luo Yi

Shanghai Sixth People 's Hospital Jinshan Branch orthopedic chief physician associate professor

Areas of cooperation: ankle surgery, biomechanics