​       Customized Simulation


Design of the custom-made simulation according to the requiements of the users.



Case Study

Case 1: Design of the hole of bone screws and optimaization of bone screws  

According to the condition of patients, decide the size and orientation of the bone screws by CAD tools.Evacuate and optimize the implantation of the bone patients by FEM tools.


Selection for the bone screws and the screw holes for pelvic fracture


Case 2: Design of bone screw hole por spine impairment


Formulate the plan of the bone screw implantation for individual patients, i.e. selection of the orientation, depth, size of the bone screws. Evacuate the biomechanical performance of the spine by FEM.

Optimization of the bone screws in the treatment of the spine impairment

Biomachanical analysis of the bone screws in spines    

Selection of orientation of the bone screws    

Worst Case
Complicated Bone Biomechanics
Product Optimization