Product Optimization

Orthotek provides services of 3D digital design and optimization of implant products, including artificial joint prosthesis ( i.e. hip joint, knee joint etc) , pelvic prosthesis, spinal implants, screws and plates, according to the individual patient' demands. 

Orthotek utilizes the method of finite element analysis (FEA) to evaluate the reliability of each prosthesis, and optimize the product according to the results of the FEA.


CASE  Squeaking induced by biotribologically has become the problems for CoC artificial joints. Based on the FEA simulation,  prostheses structure are optimized and prostheses materials carefully modified, resulting in  improved the vibrant stability of the prostheses system  and squeaking allieviated .

FE model of prosthesis system with loading and boundary

Unstable model shapes of the prosthesis system 
Complicated Bone Biomechanics
Worst Case
Customized Simulation