​    Product Optimization

According to the individual patient' requirements, Orthotek provides 3D digital design for the products, including artificial joint prosthesis, i.e. hip joint, knee joint etc. and pelvic prosthesis replacements. Orthotek utilize the method of finite element analysis(FEA) to evacuate the reliability of each prosthesis, and optimize the product according to the results of the FEA.


Case Study

Squeaking induced by biotribologically has become the problems for CoC artificial joints. Optimum design of prostheses structure and modification of prostheses materials can improve the vibrant stability of the prostheses system after arthroplasty, then, suppress the squeaking.

FE model of prosthesis system with loading and boundary

unstable model shapes of the prosthesis system 
Worst Case
Complicated Bone Biomechanics
Customized Simulation