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The problem of squeaking in hip joints not only makes a negative effect on patients' healthy state of physical and mental being, but also reflect the friction and wear properties of artifical hip joints, becoming a significant barrier of the development of ​artificial hip joints.

Aiming at this problem, Orthotek presents the cross study of tribology and acoustics. We has developed the tribo-acoustics system, which can inspect the problem of joint squeaking caused by friction, combining the analysis of material's friction property and the measurement of material's acoustics property.

Squeaking of Ceramic-on-ceramic Hip Prosthesis

Case Study

The research and development of equipments were completed independently

by Orthotek Lab. We have developed a complete system of biomechanical testing. Its reliability was validated via in vitro experimental study on the biomechanical performance of hemi-pelvis reconstruction using a adjustable hemipelvic prosthesis. We expressed thanks to GOMShanghai Jiaotong University Affiliated First People’s HospitalShanghai Shengshi Medical Instrument Science and Technology Co., LTD for its support.

In Virto Biomechanical Study

Case Study

Medical 3D printing technology uses CAD / CAE methods designing surgical diagnosis model, which has very significant and positive effect on clinical medical. With the development of this advanced technology, 3D

printing used in medical has a growing recogniztion by not only doctors, but also patients. Compared to traditional methods, 3D printing has the advantages of highly intuitive and efficient diagnosis.

Orthotek utilize 3D digital design to maxmize refiguring patients' orthopaedic models, which can help doctors to plan and finish individual surgery for each patient. The applications of 3D printer technology in clinical medical, promoting the accuraccy and personalization of modern medicine.

3D Printer in Clinical Medical
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