Bone Screw Torsion Tester

  Significance of torsion testing for Bone Screws

  1. Torsional performance is the key characteristic of bone screws

   2. Torsion testing is an important evaluation of bone screws, and is a 

      required testing item in their premarket notification (FDA,CE etc.);

   3. Orthotek TorqTester-BonSc, which can simulate the bone screw inserting 

      motions, serve as an effective solution for bone screw torsion tests.



  1. Automatic testing operation, less manual noise and high testing accuracy;

  2. Highly integrated system under PC operation by parametric inputs;
  3. Supporting ASTM F543 (complete series) Testing Requirements with preprogrammed

       standard tests;

  4. Testing results as torque, force etc., agree with the clinical retrieval findings;



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