Biomaterial Wear Frame

  Significance of Wear Test for Biomaterial 


  1. Wear is the key factor affecting the long-term performance of the orthopaedic implants;

  2. The wear of orthopaedic implant products can be predicted by conducting wear tests 

      of orthopaedic implant materials;

  3. Compared with the joint simulators, wear tests of orthopaedic implant materials are 

      more efficient, economic and clinically relevant;

  4. A required testing item of orthopaedic implant products in their 

      premarket notification (FDA,CE etc.).




  1. Support batch tests for variety and large amount samples, and 

      the results hold high degree of confidence;

  2. Support variety human body environment simulators at different 

      conditions i.e. complex mechanics, kinematics or lubrication;

  3. Easy to operate, convenient to mantain and economic for testing;

  4. The key indiactors of wear test i.e. wear accumulation, abrasive particles etc. agree 

      well with the clinical experiment results of the orthopaedic implant products.



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