Static Frame

  Significance of Static Test

 1. Static performance, i.e. tension, compression, torsion are the key characteristic of orthopedic 

      implants and biomaterials;
 2. A key analysis method in R&D of implant products and a required testing item in their premarket

      notification( FDA, CE etc. ) ;
 3. Orthotek StaMulti  series are  highly integrated testing systems, which support various static tests 

     of different implant products, i.e. bend testing, insert push in/out testing etc.  


  1. Automatic operation, less testing noise and accuate results;

  2. Highly integrated operating system, parameterized input;

  3. Supporting bone screw, plate, bone cement, joint and spine 

      testing, Preprogrammed standard tests;
  4. providing specified jig and fixture tools.




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